Early school break across the country

Early school break across the country

Which school levels are involved in this early break?

All School Levels-Preschool up to tertiary.

How long of this school break?

3 Weeks- 30 th Month 2020-16 th April 2020.

What are the details and updates for this early break?

  • Finished in week 8 of term 1.
  • All school will continue after 3 weeks with week 8 topics
  • There is no term 1 break as it has been utilized for this 3 weeks early break
  • Schools will continue in term 2 to substitute the early 3 weeks that have been taken for the regarding COVID 19 precautionary preventions.

What are the main tasks to be carried out within the first week and three days of this early break?

  • Completion data collection
  • Student’s achievement data collection
  • Completion of reports & markings
  • Completion Lesson plans for week 8 onwards for term 1 and must be signed by School Leaders

All of these must be submitted to MoE-(School Implementation Unit) at the end of 1 st half of
school break

What trainings conducted for teachers in the remaining last week of break?

  • Professional Development and Action Learning Teams/Peer Learning Group
  • KTC is currently working on PD sessions which will be offered through blended mode-face to face and online
  • Teachers will be required to submit their tasks

What are the responsibilities of School Leaders towards teachers?

  • Monitor teacher’s attendance
  • Report to SIU at the end of each week

What are the important precautionary measures must be used by teachers and MoE staff?

  • Wearing of masks in school compound at all times.