About this website

About this website

This website is intended to be a single window for COVID-19 related information and update by the Government and its major partners and businesses during the pandemic season.  

The website will not replace the publicly announced medium for information dissemination such as Radio Kiribati and the official facebook page of the Office of Te Beretitenti and the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.  Rather it will consolidate every information aired/posted via these mediums along with information from other government bodies and private sectors into one single window to ensure easy access.  Below are some of the authorities engaged in the dissemination of information related with COVID-19.

  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Commerce and Industry Cooperatives
  • Ministry of Information, Communication, Transport and Tourism Development
  • ANZ Kiribati
  • Vodafone Kiribati
  • Public Utilities Board

and other major bodies that run essential services.  The website also act as a primary source of information to which the said mediums must reference to with the information they disseminate for public consumption.  As of the launching of this website (DATE), every information/updates aired/posted on Radio Kiribati and the official facebook pages will link back to this website.

There are reported cases of misinformation on COVID-19 being circulated on major social media platform like Facebook. It should be noted that not every information floating on the web including facebook are true and therefore members of the general public are encouraged to seek the validity of the information they come across with especially those which claimed to be information from the Government.  One way of doing so is to verify that the information is also exist on this website and is accurate by comparison.  If unsure, the public are encouraged to seek the Government's attention by contacting the Office of Te Beretitenti by phone 75021183 or through its facebook page.

Any other clarification in regard to this website must be directed to the Office of Te Beretitenti.

Thank you and stay safe.