Financial Support for eligible stranded citizens

The Government of Kiribati wishes to inform the public that after due consideration, it is now pleased to announce that a financial support to assist stranded I-Kiribati abroad can now be accessed for those that meet eligibility requirements and fall under identified categories:

  • Is a Kiribati passport holder and able to produce a return ticket to Tarawa on a date not earlier than 20 March 2020

  • Returning home due to closure of the hosting institution from COVID-19 or is actually due to return to Tarawa but is unable to, due to border restrictions

  • If travel was sponsored by any entity other than private funds, the individual has evidence to prove that the support is no longer applicable. The date from which the support was no longer applicable should be well specified.

There are four categories of potential beneficiaries as follows

  1. Officials on trips before the introduction of the COVID19 contract for public servants

  2. Returning workers stuck in transit

  3. Fisheries observers on land now

  4. Nationals who hold a return ticket to Tarawa that arrives on a date not earlier than Friday 20th March 2020

Nationals who fall under these categories shall submit a completed form to access the funds. The form can be downloaded from the website or on the Kiribati High Commission facebook page

Nationals who belong to Category 1, 2 and 3 are encouraged to urgently contact their respective Ministries to register for this support and submit their filled forms accordingly.

The public should note that Category 4 includes nationals who are making the trip home or abroad for various reasons, not limited to

  • Returning home as their school/training institute is closed for now with regards to COVID-19

  • Returning home after completion of studies abroad or on trip for graduation and other temporary commitments (inclusive of citizens travelling under NGOs)

  • Others who also flew out of Kiribati in the recent past to visit friends/relatives.

For nationals of Category 4, please register with either the Kiribati High Commission if in Fiji or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration if stranded in other countries through the following email addresses with subject line ‘APPLICATION FOR FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO NATIONALS ABROAD’

If stranded in Fiji

If stranded in another country:

In your email, please submit as attachments completed application form, passport biodata, confirmed travel ticket and letter from sponsor if no longer sponsored due to border restrictions that prevent you from reaching Tarawa as scheduled on your travel ticket.

The effective date of the support cannot be earlier than 20th March 2020 for private citizens who are not supported by any institutions. For those who were originally sponsored and now no longer receive support, the date from which the support was no longer applicable should be taken. They should provide supporting documents/evidence. For those travelling back to Tarawa, the support will be effective from the date on which they are due to arrive in Tarawa but not earlier than 20 March 2020.

The financial support is a standard daily rate of AUD$30 applicable to eligible nationals irrespective of the country you are stranded in. The daily rate is for meal allowance. Accommodation costs will be settled directly to the service provider.

It should also be noted that those opting for private accommodation arrangements (such as staying with relatives) would not receive any direct support for accommodation. The support for accommodation is only payable to a selected service provider if they choose to relocate under this direct arrangement between the Government and the service provider.